Driving Down Demand

Gateway to Freedom Foundation is an anti-human trafficking initiative of TFC Global that combats human trafficking by driving down the demand in cities across the United States.

Pathways to Freedom

Freedom starts here

We offer different intervention pathways that lead to freedom from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors. Start your path to freedom today.

Play to End the Game

A community awareness event to combat child sex trafficking

For years pimps and traffickers relied on communities like yours turning a blind eye to sex trafficking. It's time to say, "no more!" Now you can when you Play to End the Game.

The inaugural event is happening Saturday, April 30th at Leisure Lanes Bowling Alley in Lancaster, PA.

Register to Play to End the Game today and help put sex trafficking out of business.

On the Ground
We currently train chaplains and lay leaders in 14 states across the United States and are expanding to more.

Shining Light
Our chaplains serve in areas commonly used for human trafficking. Their presence is a deterrent to criminal activity.

Rescuing Victims
We train on victim identification, as well as how to respond in safe and effective ways leading to rescue.

Driving Down Demand
We specialize in connecting buyers of consumer sex to proven pathways and resources that lead to freedom.

The Gateway to Freedom Foundation exists to free every person from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors so they can thrive in their life, relationships, and community

Why our work matters:


Investing in Relational Health is a Gift to Children

Although commonly misunderstood consumer sex (i.e. consuming pornography, prostitution, or adult venues) has many serious, long-term negative outcomes that not only effect the one consuming it, but their family, friends and community. Similar to the effects a steady diet of junk food has on one's physical health, consumer sex wreaks havoc on one's emotional and relational health. By making it possible for people to become free from consumer sexual beliefs and behaviors we are helping restore lives and families.


Sex trafficking is a supply and demand crime

Just as vital and motivating to our work is knowing that when we successfully free people from consumer sex, we simultaneously put pimps and traffickers out of business. When more and more people become free not only does it restore lives and family relationships, which makes our communities stronger, but it also effectively ends the scourge of sex trafficking in the world.


Free People, Free Others

The ultimate value of our work is that generations of children will never be trafficked in the first place. So if restoring lives and families as well as effectively ending sex trafficking is something you get excited about, then we would love to have you join us or support the work. Whether you're an individual, a local church, a truck company or business, there is a way for you to get involved. Learn how you can make a difference below.

What you do matters

Combatting and ending sex trafficking is a responsibility of all citizens. You have an important role to play. We are here to help you discover it.

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Find Freedom

For those that know consumer sex is costing them everything they care about.

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Support Freedom

For those that want to make a difference in bringing an end to sex trafficking.

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Play to End the Game

A fun, multi-generational event raising awareness about trafficking and how to effectively combat it.

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Financial Investment

Your investment helps restore lives & families, bring an end to sex trafficking, and protect generations of children.

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