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What you do matters

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

~ Margaret Mead

Gateway to Freedom Foundation can equip you to make a difference

One of our core beliefs is that there is a modern day abolitionist in all of us. The high majority of people are appalled by the reality of sex trafficking in the world, and desire to see it end. People want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. With over 15 years in anti-sex trafficking work GTFF can equip you, your company or organization to effectively combat this crime.


Salt and Light in the fight against trafficking

We train and equip chaplains, through TFC Global, to be a presence of hope and healing in areas commonly used for human trafficking. Our chaplains are making a difference by learning safe and effective ways to connect victims of trafficking to rescue and services, as well as how to drive down the demand by ministering to "buyers," and connecting them to paths leading to freedom.

We currently train chaplains in 14 states across the United States with the goal to expand to more. The chaplaincy ministry is growing. Interested in becoming a chaplain? Apply here. Or, learn how you can help support a local chapter near you.


A key battle ground for the fight against trafficking

The trucking industry has long been a key target for pimps and traffickers across the U.S. as they rely on the buyer demand of drivers. This makes the trucking industry a strategic partner in the fight against sex trafficking. We offer training to professional drivers and companies, through our "Culture Carrier" training program, to help win the fight against sex trafficking.

Culture Carrier Training
  • Harnesses the goodwill of drivers and companies
  • Equips and unleashes fleets of modern day abolitionists
  • Redefines and protects the legacy of the truck industry


A responsibility of all citizens

Because sex trafficking happens in every major city and town across the United States, every citizen has the potential to help end it. Whether you are a parent, teacher, coach, pastor or student, you are a modern day abolitionist. So why not be a trained one.

We are multiplying modern day abolitionists by training lay people and community groups through our Play to End the Game initiative.

What you do matters

Combatting and ending sex trafficking is a responsibility of all citizens. You have an important role to play. We are here to help you discover it.

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