Gateway to Freedom Workshop FAQs

What is the GTF Workshop?

The GTF Workshop is an intensive 3 day workshop for men seeking to overcome pornography and any other unwanted sexual struggles and strongholds.

TFC Global and the Gateway to Freedom Foundation is partnering with Be Broken Ministries to bring the GTF Workshop to Pennsylvania.

What topics will the workshop cover?

  • The nature of lust and temptation
  • False intimacy vs True intimacy
  • Boundaries
  • Restoring trust and communication in marriage
  • Triggers and how to manage temptations
  • The process of change and coping with chaos
  • Written, personalized plan for recovery
  • Shame: it's effects and how to overcome it
  • Relapse response and prevention
  • Accountability that works!
  • And more...

Who should attend Gateway to Freedom (GTF) Workshop?

The GTF workshop is for men* (married, single, or divorced; age 20 or older) who display any of the following characteristics:

  • Regular use of pornography
  • Have had one or more affairs
  • Habitual masturbation
  • Lying to hide secret sexual behaviors
  • Feelings of intense shame over sexual behaviors
  • Desire to deal aggressively with lust struggles
  • Secret sexual fantasies
  • Experienced unwanted sexual encounters during childhood or adolescence

*If you are a pastor (or working in ministry), we understand your struggle and we know how to help you, too.

Is there a limited number of men who can attend?

Yes! There is limited space for each workshop, therefore only the first 16-18 men to register will secure a spot (certain venues we can extend the cap to 21 men).

So, be sure to register early to ensure your space at the workshop. If the workshop fills up, you will be offered a spot an opening at the next upcoming workshop date.

Why do you limit the number of men at each workshop?

Real transformation often occurs in a small group setting. By limiting the number of men attending the GTF workshop, it allows for more interaction among all the men. Smaller groups prevent a man from feeling like a number and provides each man with quality attention and care. Breakout groups are, therefore, never larger than 8 men, usually around 6-8 in each group.

Is there an application process for the workshop?

Yes and no. While there is no formal, or clinical, application process to register for the GTF workshop, we do screen each potential participant to ensure that they are a good fit for the program (this is accomplished by completing a short questionnaire. For instance, the GTF workshop would not be a good fit for someone battling alcohol or drugs. This program is exclusively for men struggling with sexual strongholds in thoughts and behaviors.

How often do the workshops occur?

The GTF workshop is scheduled periodically throughout the year. When registering the dates of all the workshops in Pennsylvania will appear. Choose the date that works best for you. To view the available dates and register click here, or give us a call at 717-426-9977 and ask for Gateway to Freedom Foundation.

There are also workshops held in Texas and Florida hosted by Be Broken Ministries. To view workshop dates in Texas and Florida click other workshop location dates.

Where are the workshops located?

The GTF workshop is conducted at the Tuscarora Inn and Conference Center located at 3300 River Rd, Mt Bethel, PA 18343.

Directions to workshop facilities will be provided once registration is complete.

Air Travel - there are two options when flying in for the workshop:

  • Philadelphia International Airport (airport code: PHL).
  • Wilkes-barre Scranton International Airport (airport code: AVP).

Attendees traveling by air will be provided with complimentary shuttle service to the retreat center. Shuttle service for air travelers will run only once on Friday morning (between 8:00 am - 9:00 am, depending on which airport you are flying into) with return service included on Sunday after the final session of the workshop. So, if traveling by air, book your Sunday flight after 4:00 pm to ensure you don't miss your ride home!

How can I register for the GTF workshop?

Call our number (717-426-9977) between 9am - 4pm Eastern Time or click here to register online.

What is the workshop schedule?

The schedule varies slightly from location to location, but below is a general outline of the weekend's flow.

10:30 am - On-Site Registration & Check In
Noon(ish) - Meetings begin
10:00 pm (ish) - Final session of the day ends

8:00 am (ish) - Breakfast
10:30 pm - Final session of the day ends

8:00 am (ish) - Breakfast
Noon(ish) - Closing Session ends

How much does the workshop cost, and what is included in the weekend?

This is the million dollar question, right? Thankfully, that isn't how much the GTF workshop costs! (Even if the benefits are worth a million dollars) Below is more information on the cost and value of the GTF workshop.

Gateway to Freedom Total Cost: $997
(Early Bird: $897.00)

Alumni remark on cost of workshop:
"The price of the workshop was nothing compared to the amount of teaching and counseling that was available. I highly recommend this workshop to others..."

Payment Options
In Full

4-Month Pay Plan
​$275 x 4 months
(includes $25/mo admin fee)

*Limited partial scholarships available as needed. Scholarship applications are reviewed on a first come, first served basis and are limited by available funds. Call 717-426-9977 or email for more information.

The value of what you receive:

  • 2 nights lodging ($250 value)
  • Meal service; 6 full meals total ($100 value)
  • Eight teaching sessions on building a life of sexual integrity; nearly 9 solid hours of teaching ($850 value)
  • Eight small group sessions with a professional counselor; over 10 solid hours of professional group counseling ($1000 value)
  • All workshop literature; workbook, resource catalog, etc. ($80 value)
  • Inclusion in Gateway AfterCare program; counselor consultation, support group selection assistance, support care through our qualified recovery network, helpful resources for wives, audio recordings of all workshop teaching sessions ($1,200 plus value)
  • Personal interaction with program facilitator and small group leaders (decades of expertise and insight in one location)
  • Lifetime access to Alumni directory for encouragement and accountability

Total Value (Over $3000) - Total Cost ($997) = Over $2000 in Savings!

The workshop registration fee is roughly the equivalent of one (1) high-end HDTV, or about 4-5 monthly car payments, or half the average monthly mortgage payment, and certainly less expensive than a divorce (national average is around $15,000!). Think about what you've already spent on a life of secrecy and lust; high costs with negative results. Investing in the Gateway to Freedom workshop is a low cost with immeasurable positive benefits.

To see those benefits through the eyes of men who have previously attended the Gateway to Freedom workshop, visit the Testimonials Page.

What are the cancellation policies?

We understand that there could be reasons arise where you need to cancel. We want to do our best to work with you in these situations. There are a few options for you to consider:

1. Payment deferment to another workshop with no additional fees. This allows you to pick any of our other workshops to attend and not lose any money.

2. Full refund minus cancellation fee ($45) for cancellation prior to two weeks from the workshop start date.

3. Half refund if canceling within 2 weeks of the workshop start date. Due to the fact that we have to pay the venues in full before the workshop, canceling within two weeks means that we have already paid for your spot in the workshop. If this is your only option we will gladly refund you half of the price you paid. For example, if you paid the full $997 you will receive a refund of $498.50. If you had a $250 scholarship and paid $747, you will receive a refund of $373.50. You will only receive half of what you paid.

Is there internet access at the workshop?

No. We want to create an environment that is free from all distraction to the task of focusing on healing and recovery. All workshop facilities are free of Internet access. We do allow men to keep their cell phones if they wish, but ask that they only be used to contact family or for emergencies.

What if I have other questions not answered here?

If you have any other questions about the GTF workshop or need help registering, please call our number at 717-426-9977or email us at